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    All Trials Campaign - The website for the campaign to have the results of all trials of medicine published for the betterment of evidence-based medicine.

    Bad Science - The website of tireless evidence-based medicine campaigner Ben Goldacre.

    Cochrane Collaboration - International collaboration of experts collating summarising the best evidence available for medical treatements.

    DC's Improbable Science - Science-based medicine blogging by Professor of Pharmacology David Colquhoun.

    Edzard Ernst - Website of alt-med opponent and Nemesis of Prince Charles Prof. Edzard Ernst.

    FishBarrel - Browser plug-in that facilitates the simple reporting of fallacious medical website to the relevant UK authorities.

    The Good Thinking Society - Organisation created by Simon Singh to promote rational enquiry

    Neurologica - Healthcare and skepticism blog from clinical neurologist Steven Novella MD

    NHS Behind the Headlines - NHS site reporting on the evidence for health stories in the news.

    The Nightingale Collaboration - Quackbusting group set up to challenge the questionable claims made by the alt-med brigade.

    The Quackometer - Award-winning Quack-busting blog by Andy Lewis.

    Science Based Medicine - Website of articles describing the science behind treatements and health-issues to the general public.

    Sense About Science - A charity helping the public understand scientific and medical issues.

    The South-East Skeptical Society - Our parent organisation. The Society for Skeptics in the south-eastern area of the UK
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